The True Self Care Programme 

The true self-care programme is a comprehensive, evidence-based four-module course that will build the learners' capacity to cope with stress and everyday challenges. In a confidential environment with like-minded people we unpack the common problems and pressures we have in life and we learn strategies and techniques for tackling these issues in a way that is manageable and sustainable.

This self-empowering programme has supported women for almost 2 years and has proved to be invaluable to their mental well-being and personal advancement. From building self-esteem to preventing professional burnout, the self-management skills taught in this programme will transform your outlook on life and clear the way to a happier and healthier mind. There is no doubt about it, this is a life-changing programme. 100% of women who complete this programme have dramatically transformed their lives for the better and are doing things they never believed they could. Before signing up please know that it does take a level of commitment and you need to be ready for the change