True Self Care was founded in 2017 by Jennifer Trulock. The aim of the company is to deliver transformational education and training for personal and professional advancement. Programmes and training days can be tailor made to each target groups needs however the ultimate goal of this company remains the same, to improve mental health and wellbeing through self care practices.

One Day Workshops

Unlock Your Truth

Have you ever heard yourself say "I feel a bit lost" or "I dont know who I am anymore"? Has your life recently changed and you want to embrace a new, better version of yourself? Then this workshop is for you. Explore your truth and learn new self care practices to take better care of yourself and your wellbeing.


Focus and Recharge

This take charge workshop provides tools for stress management and burn out prevention. If you often feel overwhelmed, worn out or in need of an energy boost then this workshop is just the ticket. You will leave feeling calmer, clearer and more in control, armed with the right strategies to take excellent care of yourself and laser sharp focus to tackle any challenge headed your way.


Level Up

This high energy workshop will motivate and empower you to start setting and smashing your goals. If you already have your self care, self belief and self love down and your ready to start creating a better future for yourself, this is the workshop you're looking for.



Each training workshop will provide the knowledge and skills to you need to achieve your individual goals. Although training is only one day, the skills and practices you learn will need to be used consistently afterward to achieve your desired outcome.